“If you fail to prepare you are preparing to fail”.

Because of the importance of water in sustaining life, the increasing demand for it as a result of global population growth, as well as the rate at which pollution and consumption are making usable water scarcer, it is more important than ever to find ways to conserve water.

To fight environmental injustice and pollution and push efficient water policy and access to clean water for all, international individuals and organizations like Matsya are stepping up to the plate. 

MATSYA is an innovative cleantech startup wanting to invest in Aquatic Environments’ Treatment Processes for industries. The company plans to design, develop, and deploy innovative and affordable wastewater treatment technologies to create environment-friendly production and sustainability good.

In order to alleviate water pollution and water crisis, MATSYA wants to invent innovative water treatment solutions that have the potential to significantly reduce water pollution, and the time has never been more pressing. 

We have the sense that nature is serving us a very clear warning and that something major has to change, or else. We’re also running out of time. The melting of the Arctic summer sea ice, which for decades has been absorbing surplus solar heat trapped on Earth by an enhanced greenhouse effect, is a particularly worrying trend that seems to be heading for zero in about 2030. After that, all bets are off.

But we should remember that there are thousands of brilliant efforts by small groups all over the world — an aquifer or catchment restored here, a neighborhood preparing against disaster there — multiplying everywhere but invisible to big government. These grass-roots actions must be validated and supported, networked and replicated until they condense into a new zeitgeist in which we all suddenly realize that we must pay attention to ecology, we must protect the web of life, and ask ourselves why else would we have minds, spirits, and communities?

Great movements arise from individual initiative. Being encouraged is the key, even if water pollution is a complex subject and a wicked problem. Becoming a local hero is to be humble but consistent. 

Matsya can become a part of sustainable water development, one drop at a time, a motto than can lead to a better world.