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Matsya is a startup designing, developing and deploying water decontamination and depollution technologies that are accessible and useful to everyone.

Matsya’s desire is to fight by companies’ side and offer them the right solution for their needs. From the first liter.

Matsya’s vocation is to decontaminate millions of drops, which will in turn become millions of cubic liters of water.



What are the benefits of the MATSYA® range?
  • its ease of use;
  • its affordable cost;
  • its ease of cleaning;
  • its autonomy.


The entire line of Matsya’s appliances is  made of 100% recyclable materials.


Autonomous, easy to install, operate and clean, saving time.


Matsya’s range of solutions has been created from the ground up to be economical, allowing to treat wastewater at low operating costs.


Both the process and the user operations on Matsya’s line of solutions are safe, meeting the highest regulatory standards.

Why Are We doing That?

Water pollution affects human health, the environment, the world economy and markets. We wish to contribute to the preservation of the quality of exploitable resources.

Each day…

cubic meters of wastewater are poured into the world’s seas and oceans

tons of plastic waste are dumped into the ocean

people worldwide succumb to diseases related to water pollution

children under the age of five die because of diseases caused by drinking water

*source UNESCO World Water Assessment Program and World Health Organization

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