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At the heart of the pollution remediation market, Matsya’s team is thinking about ways to preserve a vital resource: water. Its quality impacts human activity and its good development, as well as the climate.

We are here to help.

The patented MATSYA® line is designed to:

  • Isolate;
  • Disinfect;
  • Easily recover micro and nanopollutants in water;
  • Help treating wastewater.

The REUSE of industrial wastewater is an important subject that we want to promote. Without limit of treatment, we bring you a solution from the first liter.

Are you concerned?

Yes, if you have:

  • Hydrocarbon-laden water;
  • Vegetable washing water;
  • Metal-laden wastewater;
  • Water loaded with microplastics…
Examples of effluents we treat

“Insourcing what is very expensive to outsource”

The MATSYA® mini-station can treat from 5 liters to 1 cubic meter per day using very little energy, without chemical addition or noise pollution.

We are committed to manufacturing beautiful, robust and efficient machines.

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